After witnessing the current world situation where we face dramatic changes and upheavals,
I would like to create a community where people from around the globe can forge a wonderous future based on the greatness of Nature and Japanese traditional culture.

I have therefore dedicated myself to building a community that can reawaken the dormant resilience and power of the hardy human psyche, through self-sustaining daily activities and experiences with friends in the dense forests of Kumano Mie prefecture, that is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its sacred sites, pilgrimage routes, cultural landscape.

This is a special place where we can rediscover a sensibility that has been lost in our modern times:

  • a deep spiritual and physical connection with our fellow humans.
  • our heartfelt gratitude towards Nature and Ancestral heritage.
  • a spiral of life which was born from the universe, exists within the universe and returns to the universe, and its awareness and activation.

Takashi Araya